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The Analyzer: processing the results

This program analyzes the results of pairwise comparison, computes and plots the ROC curves in svg format.



  • You need a java installation, version 6 and above.

Java program

The program is provided as a jar file: braseroAnalyzer_1.0.jar. To use this program, download the jar file onto you computer.

Using the tool

Invoke the comparator with the command: java -jar braseroAnalyzer_1.0.jar [RESULTS]


  • RESULTS is a directory containing all the results for all methods considered in a run of the benchmarking engine (see option -d of the benchmarking engine).

Method and curves

The program analyzes each directory of [RESULTS] assuming it corresponds to one method (named alias). In each sub-directory alias, it scans all files and extracts, for each input sequence of T2 and F2, the best score obtained over the comparison of all its foldings against all reference structures. (This is done using the name of the structure and the word TRUE).

Then the tool computes the ROC curve (false positive rate over true positive rate) and plot a file named alias_snsproc.svg. It also generates a plot for all tools all_snsproc.svg.

About svg

svg files should be directly viewable into a web browser. However, the file can contain a lot of points which can bug the viewer

You can convert svg to png or pdf using inkscape:

inkscape -z -e all_snspRoc.png -d 120 -C all_snspRoc.svg 
inkscape -z -A all_snspRoc.pdf all_snspRoc.svg

Note that any vector format (pdf/ps/eps) will still potentially contain a huge number of points.

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